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Well, I do not know, not so many young people and take generics, I know a lot of people who do not have 25 years old, and from them no one accepts Viagra or any generics, I’m sure, I even offered them, but they refused, Not because they’re embarrassed, but because they are completely self-confident, I’m just a Sambo coach (Kind of fight), and all my guys with whom I communicate quite closely, like with sons, tell me more than their parents, and I One hundred percent sure that none of them take How to take Fildena
, they are my guys are sporting.

Well, your boys do not need this, because they have pumped bodies, they are physically hardened, so they do not not need Viagra, but the fact that you offered them generics is not really funny, and it’s not happy, you should Rejoice that they do not accept generics, they are young, and propaganda among them is allowed, that someone would not take, and told their friends what they would not take, but to promote the sport. And you … eh …

Yeah … I did not expect this from a man who teaches his friends and part-time junior generation not only struggle, but also promotes the reception of Fildena XXX
, what our country has come to, soon advertising on TV will be like powder, “A You still do not accept generics? Then we go to you !! “. On the one hand this is ridiculous, but on the other hand you even want to cry. Well, people who are over 35-40, but young people, even 25 years old yet, to offer Viagra, I’m not just shocked, I’m outraged.

Today Viagra for recreational purposes accept 90% of all users of generics. Since it has already become a habit, if a person does not accept, then he does not accept it. But if I tried it once, then it all dragged on, even if a person had some problems and took Viagra, but then he recovered, he in 70% of cases does not stop taking generics. Therefore, I want to say it is not fixable, but I do not consider this a crime, and it seems to me that if progress allows, why should it be prohibited, let the young people receive only the best from life. Here’s my opinion. But to offer Viagra to healthy kids who are engaged in sports, it’s just horrifying. What will be next? Do you force drugs into them?

Accept and not only now, they took before, and we accepted when we were young, because the youth of a couple of experiments, everyone wants to try a new one, to appear better than anything that would pay attention, do not you know this. I am personally only for receiving generics by young people, because now the nation is dying out, the cities are filled with older people, so I would like at least some way to promote the rejuvenation of the nation, that would be born of children, families would appear. Well, of course not for flying, but for love. But everything is smooth.