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Since the administration sent me probes Fildena 200mga and Fildena vs viagra. I write the promised review. Fildena 200mg was taken on an empty stomach 8 hours before the meeting, I thought that if the worker, will act after about 30-40 minutes, but after this time there was no effect (I estimate the effect on the redness of the face and the stuffiness of the nose, if there is no girl nearby), already thought That a fake but after about 5-6 hours I realized that all the same it does not work like the original levitra that I’ve ever had to try, but the effect was as on the red face and on a little stuffy nose in bed also did not blunder. Fildena XXX has not touched. So this store is not kidalovo. The main thing is that the Hindus do not badyazhili and put there as much active substance as it should be. For the samples to the store, thanks again.

From Fildena vs viagraa is not always there pobochka (at least I have) because of this it is difficult to navigate, but I love more, I drank and in a minute twenty-one hundred percent the result on the face, or rather to another place: ) Generally Fildena super active and Cheap Fildena 100 are difficult to compare, work They are different, the levitra is more like a Viagra

Vlad, thanks for the tip, I will be grateful if you make your assessment-report on the action of the generic Fildena 200mg, I think for many members of the forum who have not tried it will be very interesting!

Yes, there is not always a stuffy nose, and redness – depends on the characteristics of a particular person.
He used to take Viagra, both branded and erotone – works if you put it figuratively – “hard. ” Yes, the expression is, pobochka too in the form of stuffy nose. By the way about zalozhennost… Who has any diseases of ENT organs, Viagra provokes them to more serious. In view of the fact that the outflow of lymph and blood from the nose and sinuses is broken – the mucous membrane swells, and you can easily get sinusitis in a day or two. Also the pressure in the sinuses is higher – there may be a bleeding from the nose or small sosudas burst symptom – snot with blood.
In general, when generics <a href=”” title=”How to take Fildena”>How to take Fildena</a><br> a became available – tried – super. Pobochki practically is not present (it is enough to me 10) and works up to 3 days. Viagra as quickly gives effect – so it goes quickly.
About pobochku from Viagra are my observations. I thought it was chronic… But, after switching to Cheap Fildena 100, everything went quietly. But once, was forced to take eroton – 2 days later, the genyantritis reminded himself immediately.

From How to take fildenaa there were positive impressions. Mostly because I did not have a pimple. With levitra and viagra, terrible heartburn, even if you take less than half a tablet. But I’ve still tried Fildena 200mg from the probe, so the usage statistics are not enough: ). I want to try <a href=”” title=”Fildena XXX”>Fildena XXX</a><br>.

I bought How to take fildena in this store acts no worse than the original, did not even expect, a little easier with no pobochki at all. From the original pain in the eyes. The given manufacturer as for me the best among generics. Probyval surise headache. Vidalista in general no soft eye pill red effect zero.