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Natural remedies for treating erectile dysfunction – Medical News Today

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Yes Viagra is not an obligatory remedy, but just after the reception I get more satisfaction, and I personally can earn on it, and there is nothing shameful in that I do not see it.

So here and there is nothing shameful, everyone can accept what he likes, and what he can afford, just in our time if you take Viagra, then for people it does not mean that you just so want, they will think that you like Would say it, well, not impotent, but you have sexual dysfunction, that’s it.

Well, if you sit well, it’s not a Fildena vs viagra
video, well, they accept it, and that, that changed, absolutely nothing, so stop on this topic and start reacting to it calmly. Better yet, do not react at all.

Well, I myself, if it’s true for many years, 22 years since I was born, to take generics if I did not lie, I started at 17, it just became interesting to me, then still Viagra in our regions just started to appear, and one of my very good friend , Who was from a rich family bought himself 20 pieces, I remember then all the boys were jealous of him, well, we had girls with him who were sisters, and Fildena super active
we had a close friendship with him, but it does not matter, then we already had a sexual Life with these same girls, and he gave me to try Viagra, and from that day I accept it, And nothing wrong with that I do not see.

Well, it’s been known for a long time that Viagra is being sold to people who have some problems with potency, and absolutely healthy people, and I personally do not consider this a crime, because everyone chooses to drink Viagra or not, and compare it with tobacco products It’s useless, because people smoke cigarettes every half an hour, I do not think that you have sex every half an hour, and you get so addicted that you just can not live without the generics, you do not eat them just like that !?

I’m 100% sure that half of the people who communicate on this forum have no problems with potency, it’s just that Viagra helps us get sexual pleasure longer, and I think it’s good, but I do not argue, maybe it was originally created to take Only people who have problems with potency, but if there is no harm from it, then why not take it to get better quality sex?

If, of course, half of them, it seems to me much more, because few people have impotence. After all, I do not think that this is the disease that you Fildena 25
not think about, I personally when I had problems, rushed to the doctors, I spent a month on treatment, but I was cured. And I take Viagra just for myself, like everyone else here.